Week 11 :: 52 week – Reflections (And 3 for the Taking)


We found Reflections at the annual Smith College Spring Bulb Show. I’ve posted images from this spring show many times and it’s really the first breath of spring that we have in our neck of the woods. My 12-year-old was on break so I had a companion and although not enthusiastic at first I gave him my camera which changed his attitude almost immediately.

click, click, click


This image that he took came out so well framed.



He also took these images.

Misery loves company


Here are a few of the images that I took with both the Polaroid 600 and the SX-70.

The film in the 600 was purchased at Urban Outfitters and didn’t work right from the start. I had to ruin 3 films in order to get the remainder of the pack to eject hence the imperfect images but even though they are imperfect there’s something intriguing in each. Not sure I’ll waste my money on this film again but you never know, that color border is so rich.

Impossible Daffodils

I personally am not a fan of Dr. Who but my son instantly called this shot “Weeping Angel”.

Weeping Angel

And then one shot from the SX-70.

Impossible Tulips

In this post there are images taken with my Canon, iPhone, Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid 600. Plus, I made this 6 second video of our visit with the app Vine which you can see here.

2 thoughts on “Week 11 :: 52 week – Reflections (And 3 for the Taking)

  1. I missed the bulb show this year, darn it! And I’m still waiting for my own bulbs to bloom. This is a fun series of photos. I love the reflection shots. The Polaroid images remind me of the fun (and frustration sometimes!) I had with mine when I was a young teenager.

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