Hi, remember me?

Turns out this world of social networking doesn’t really sit well in the mind of the attention/focus challenged. I’m part of it all… blogger, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (kinda) and tumblr and I pretty much suck at them all. But, really, when I analyze my life outside of social networking the same could be said for photography, jewelry making, gardening… I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. I try to convince myself that all that really matters is that I’m a good mother, wife, daughter and friend which makes me feel better about not being able to keep up with the rest of it. Of course, there’s lots of room for improvement in the family category, I said ‘good’ not perfect.

All that to say, I wanted to share a simple teacher gift project that we(I) did. I found it on Design Mom which I then pinned to Pinterest (there’s another one that I’m part of that I didn’t even think to mention above). DIY – Flower Frog Bowls. There are instructions on the site so I won’t repeat but a word of caution… when I glued the frogs to the bowl I walked away and left them to dry on their own, well gravity had a hand in moving the frog to the edge of the bowl so the next morning two of the frogs were glued to the side which was very frustrating since the frogs are not sold nearby and time was running out. Plus I had to go buy more bowls, these were found at Home Goods. When I repeated the process I sat with the bowls and kept adjusting the frog until the glue was tacky enough for it to remain in place. The flowers are from the store and my garden.






12 thoughts on “Hi, remember me?

  1. I like your imagination. Sometimes I like to say “nobody’s perfect” but I am glad you are showing us your creativity. I just want to tell you to at least stay with some of your art. I like your little flower pots (lots of color, I like that). Anyway, I will follow you. Until next time, hopefully.

  2. these are such happy little gifts you made, and i bet the teachers’ loved them.

    as far as social media—i’m trying to wean myself off a bit this summer. i consider it more of a “winter sport”, you know? something you can curl up with when it’s 20 degrees and the wind is howling outside. ; )

  3. Summer is a good time to leave the social media behind for a bit! Better to be busy outside while the weather allows! You are a “jack of all trades” Becky and I think it’s great that you have so many interests. Happy summer to you!

  4. Adorable! and those teachers are very lucky!

    I gave up trying to keep up with anything online and now it is mostly just instagram because it is always just there on the phone:) No quilt allowed!!

  5. Hi Becky. I’m glad you are still around in some social media places. I’m only doing the blog and FB. I like FB for keeping in touch with family and friends, and the blog for having a place to put all those pictures I love to take. These little flower pots are adorable. I must admit, however, I was looking for actual amphibian frogs when I scrolled through the pictures – well, ceramic ones, you know what I mean, LOL!

    • I’m sure that when I first heard about flower frogs I thought the same thing. It’s amazing what places have no idea what a flower frog is, like JoAnn’s fabrics and crafts for instance. The only pressure is the pressure that I put on myself when involving myself in so much social media.

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