Late June is the end of the Strawberry season here in Massachusetts. Fortunately there were still enough left to take home. The trick was turning up the leaves until you found a patch of undiscovered berries. They are small but mighty.






Did you know that the average strawberry has 200 seeds? My kids teach me something new every day.

What’s your favorite strawberry recipe?


6 thoughts on “Strawberries!

  1. I am lovin’ that shot of your youngest with that box of strawberries….the look on his face is priceless. Hmm, fav strawberry recipe, simple, fresh strawberries with a little sour cream mixed with brown sugar on top. YUM!! Thought I had your e-mail but I can’t find it….want to e-mail you, send it to me, please!!!

  2. I never got out there to go berry picking this year….just seemed like it was always raining in June!

    I haven’t made it in a while but my favorite strawberry recipe is a pie with half fresh berries and half cooked berried topped with whipped cream…

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