Outstanding in the Field {Part 1}

I first heard about Outstanding in the Field when they were featured on Instagram several months ago. It’s a mobile restaurant (bus) that travels the country and sometimes outside of the country serving up local food from local farmers, farm to table. Most of the time the table, which seats approx. 180 people, is connected lengthwise and seems to go on forever, and other times the tables are curved to fit the landscape. They can be found in fields, on the beach, on mountain tops, etc. The chefs are well-respected and often locals. I have an affinity for farmer’s markets and farmers and whenever or wherever I can I buy local. So when I saw the original post by Instagram I was instantly smitten. I’ve followed their travels on Instagram throughout the summer and as the season was drawing to a close and my birthday was approaching I went in search of a meaningful experience. As luck(!) would have it Outstanding in the Field was hosting a farm to table dinner nearby in the Berkshires and it hadn’t sold out like so many of the other dinners on their schedule. I immediately purchased two tickets.

On an incredibly gorgeous evening the dinner was held at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA. Early fall temperatures have settled in so a light sweater was a must, at least until the sun went down and then it got chilly. The time set aside for the tour and dinner was 3-7 pm which for anyone interested in photography meant perfect timing for the best light on a sunny day.


They have a tradition where diners are encouraged to bring their own plates which are washed and returned at the end of the evening. If you are unaware or forget it’s no big deal as they have plenty to share.



Here is that gorgeous bus that was purchased online for $9,000 from buy a bus .com or something of the like. It’s been fully restored and the attention to detail inside is impressive. It serves as the sleeping quarters for 9! adults.


Inside the bus.


Looking outside the bus at the diners gathering for drinks and appetizers.


Local beer.


And local vodka was mixed in this Peach Lemonade.


Three appetizers were served, this was my favorite; sweet corn pancake with chevre.


Stay tuned for {Part 2}.


4 thoughts on “Outstanding in the Field {Part 1}

  1. I have read about this and always wanted to try it! So lucky I get to experience it through your images! Reminds me of those Kinfolk dinners. Can’t wait for part deux Becky!

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