Outstanding in the Field {Part 2}

After hors d’oeuvres Jim Denevan, the founder of Outstanding in the Field, gave a short speech. I was surprised to hear that he’s been doing this since 1999. At first he stayed local to California but then started traveling bringing his passion for farm to table across the country.


After Jim’s speech we were sent on a short, informative tour of Hancock Shaker Village. First through the impeccable gardens where we learned that the Shakers were the inventors of the seed packet. Also, that the Shakers figured out that if they save their seeds and plant them in the same soil (albeit amended) that each year their crops would grow stronger. The tour guide said, “If you don’t believe in evolution I’ve got news for you, it exists right here.”


A view through the gardens to the round barn.


The path to the barn took us right by the grills where they were preparing the food for the evening. It smelled so good!


The barn was amazing and really the visual focal point of the evening.


The view from the barn looking into the sun and out towards the table.


Details in the barn.



There were several free range fowl that call the barn home.



In the next post I’ll share more images from around the table.


Stay tuned for {Part 3}.


2 thoughts on “Outstanding in the Field {Part 2}

  1. oh, this is such fun getting to see your day through your lens. i love that last shot: that table makes a wonderful line drawing your eye straight to the barn. looking forward to the next installment! : )

  2. these photographs are absolutely amazing, what a fantastic day, would love to do something like this. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it, it was really kind of you.

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