Outstanding in the Field {Part 3}


After picking up our dinner plates and returning to the table we found a bounty awaiting. Local breads, a chilled tomato soup with turnips and mutton jerky, pickled corn and mushrooms as well as black radish. All delicious.


I tried to take a few different points of view of the table.




Les, at first a stranger to us but by the end of dinner a friend (one that we will most likely never see again), sat with us at the end of the table. He’s the one in this photo with his back to the camera, he joked that the back of his head had never been photographed so much and that he hoped his hair looked good.


I didn’t get many shots of the 3 courses since I was busy admiring and eating or chatting. First I have to say that I’m not much of a meat eater – I haven’t eaten red meat in over 20 years, no pork but I do eat bacon, on occasion I’ll eat turkey or chicken, fish I just don’t like – so after looking at the menu prior to the evening I decided that I would ignore all of my meat preferences, be adventurous and eat it all except for the red meat which there wasn’t much of other than an appetizer. On the menu: BBQ bacon (drool), rabbit bratwurst (surprisingly yum!), pork shoulder and duck breast all served with tasty vegetables and herbs. Many of the herbs were picked from the gardens surrounding the table. Each course was delivered family style on a large serving platter and passed around to the 9 members of our table, the 3 courses paired with a different wine.

If there is any doubt whether or not we enjoyed this evening (not that there would be after 3 blog posts) here’s us, happy and satiated.


Our food directors, are part of the nine members that travel around the country in that gorgeous bus. Our guy was Karl, a foodie and jovial person.



I did venture down to the other end of the table, just as the sun was setting and found this beautiful display of shimmering glass.



Walking back to my end of the table the sun went behind the hills.


A selection of melons was presented for dessert and just as people were missing chocolate, a plate of chocolate granola cookies was served.

The sun set and candle jars were added to the table. I’m not a detail person so if I notice that everything was set with intention then there was a lot that I was missing. Much thought and experience was evident this evening.


As we were leaving we were treated with a gorgeous sky, moon and Venus.


Leading us to the parking lot were paper sacks with candles burning, a last beautiful touch. Unfortunately there are no images to share since the evening went later than planned and we had to rescue our friends who were taking care of our kids, hence no time to get the settings right on my camera.

Would I do this again? Oh, yes.

“You must not lose one moment of time for you have none to spare”
-Shaker quote


4 thoughts on “Outstanding in the Field {Part 3}

  1. This looked like such a wonderful night out, so many good things to eat and the company must have been outstanding, along with the surroundings and that gorgeous sunshine!! PS…Somehow I lost your email (again), but I can’t tell you how much your contribution to the WALK meant to me. You were so generous and kind…I so hope that someday we will meet in person!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. I love love love all your photos of this fantastic event and they brought me right back to the time when my husband and I were gifted this.(Although these photos are so much better!) I wanted to refresh my memory so I looked back in my now neglected blog a couple of years to find where I had posted about it….what a shock to realize it was already 5 years ago! Yikes! Why haven’t we ever returned when we thought we would attend every single year??!!! Life gets in the way….If you want to check out my short post on it here it is… http://picturingtheyear.blogspot.com/2009/10/outstanding-in-field.html

    Will have to remember to do it again next year:) I was also surprised to see that the outfit I was wearing is still in heavy use five years later lol!

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