Autumn Appreciation

I admit that I’ve never been kind to the fall. I admit that my perspective, which I have created myself over the years, is one in which I can’t enjoy fall because winter isn’t far behind. I’ve been working on accepting fall for what it is and being more open-minded and more glass half full about the whole change of season. It’s not perfected but I have come further in my acceptance of fall. Really, what choice do I have? Be grumpy and fight it when there’s absolutely nothing I can do to change the season or embrace it or at least make strides to be more positive in my attitude toward fall. What I’m really doing is trying to live in the present, not hating fall because summer is over or winter comes next but enjoying what the season has to offer. Some things that I love about fall… the bluest skies are in October, the most beautiful warm sunlight and angles of light are this time of year, pumpkin beer with a brown sugar and cinnamon rim thankyouverymuch, butternut squash and pumpkin cooked a variety of ways some of my most recent have been homemade pizza with goat cheese, roasted butternut squash, kale and greek olives, homemade pumpkin hummus, roasted butternut squash mac and cheese, pumpkin and chocolate chip pancakes and I have still yet to make a roasted squash soup.

The other thing that I love about fall and I’m certainly not alone in this admiration, are the leaves on the trees which are ablaze in the most vibrant color. Take for instance my backyard, I can’t help be be drawn to constantly look out the back windows and just stare at the color. And then the reflection from those golden leaves reaches right into my house and paints the white walls of the bedroom the warmest tones.


One glorious day last week I decided to eat my lunch in a local park where the trees still held onto their leaves and there was a variety of color.

The saturated color of the leaves is so fleeting I almost always feel like I didn’t make an effort to really see and appreciate. On this day I tried to be as present as possible and really see the leaves, whether it be on the ground, in the air or still on the trees.









Autumn is the hush before winter.



6 thoughts on “Autumn Appreciation

  1. oh, you all really do have the most glorious colors. we’re still a ways behind you, but we’re about to have our first freeze tonight, so keeping my fingers crossed that the colors will start to explode here soon.

  2. You certainly did have an eye for autumn and its colors on this glorious day! I have always loved autumn the best but I feel that the older I get the more observant of the natural world around me I have gotten…

  3. I love fall, and miss the beautiful fall colors from when we lived on the East coast…I’m grateful for every little yellow / orange / red leaf I see around here. There’s way too few of them.
    Gorgeous photos Becky!

  4. These are beautiful Becky. You did a wonderful job capturing the gorgeous color this fall has offered. I wanted to do it so many times myself and just never got off my butt to go out and do it. I was going to ask what park you went to, but then I saw the swan and I knew! I LOVE the photo with the outrageously blue sky and the single orange leaf dangling as if hung there by an invisible thread.

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