I’m here today, not sure I will be tomorrow. Social media only enhances my suspected ADD.


IMG_1871 (3)





I still take a lot of photos and can never determine where to share them all… Flickr is not for oodles of images, occasionally I use tumblr when I want to share images with family, I have a like/hate relationship with Facebook, Instagram is where you’ll find me most often but even there I don’t share everything since I’m trying with all my might to live in the moment which I capture and then don’t have time to edit for a couple days and then it’s not all that instantish and I end up not sharing. And then there’s the stories that go along with the images, like here on the beautiful Exposure. But most of the time I don’t feel like telling a story, writing does not come easy to me. So, for today anyway, I share a little light literally and figuratively.


6 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Nice to see you back here Becky! I like the blog format because you can kind of do what you want with it. I’ve resisted getting into Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram (although I do have an account on that one, never really used it). My Twitter account is still there, but I don’t update except for the automatic publicizing of a blog post. Still like FB for the keeping up with family and friends. Flickr is good, of course, if you maintain a blog – I find it the easiest way to add photos.
    These sparkler photos are great! I hope to see more from you here this summer. Going to Maine any time soon?

  2. I loved the pictures as I always do when they are about you and the kids. It looks like water in the background, where were you when you took them?

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