Summertime, Adventuretime

The start of a school year is somewhat like the beginning of a new year (only much warmer). It’s like starting with a clean slate and a bucket list of inspiration. On the list is getting back to blogging on a regular basis. In order to blog I’ve got to let other time and mind sucking things go and I don’t mean the laundry. I worked on letting a few of them go over the summer and I hope to stay on that path.  Structure is not one of my strengths so I will have to give this some (a lot) effort.

Here it is 2 weeks into the school year and that blogging goal has already been delayed, life happens, the new school year was a tough transition for all of us, especially coming off an epic summer. I took so many photos, I would really like to tally them up and I think I will – maybe even start a poll to guess the total? But even beginning to share them is overwhelming. Where do I start? So today I’ll just post some highlights and then later get into more detail.

The summer kicked off with our annual participation in the Vermont City Marathon.


Lots and lots of baseball.


A fun run.


I mentioned in a previous post our trip to Chicago.


Weekly volunteering at our local shelter (more on this to come).

IMG_2197 (1)

Then there was this.


And last but definitely not least, Maine.


I think it’s going to take me the entire school year to catch up on my photo editing not to mention the photos never edited from last year’s trip to San Francisco. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

5 thoughts on “Summertime, Adventuretime

  1. you should work on an “exposure” post. sounds like your summer would make an epic story waiting to be told.
    glad to see you back, i’ve missed seeing your beautiful photos and words. : )

    • You’re right, I should but the storytelling part of Exposure is a reach for me. I like to tell my stories with pictures and not be real chatty. I might just do one for the Grand Canyon because those pics need to be seen BIG. Thanks for your comment, you’re so kind. 🙂

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