Kitten fix (not to be confused with a kitten being fixed)

On the morning of the $5 feline event at Dakin my kids and I represented Dakin at local pet supply store. The store requested that we bring along a few adoptable animals, lucky for us we were in charge of 4 adorable kittens.



When our two furry boys were kittens I used to place them in my hood and they loved it. They would relax, take a look around and eventually fall asleep. I guess it’s like swaddling a baby. These kittens thought it was pretty great too.


IMG_7258 (1)

All the attention was exhausting.




A foster mom brought Luigi to the store and there he met his new family.

IMG_7275 (1)

Kalia the calico received a lot of attention.


All five of the animals (including Luigi) have since found a forever home. ❤

You're probably getting sick and tired of all this cuteness I keep posting. I'll try to follow this up with a little color that's happening right outside here in New England.

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