A comparison of seasons

Over the past year my DSLR (big girl camera) photo posting has slowed down quite a bit, I still take a ton of images but I haven’t been posting online as much (I’m making an effort to get back into the swing of things). I think that the immediacy of Instagram is responsible for me posting less online. Which when yesterday I was posting an image to Flickr of my weeping cherry in the backyard and then scrolled down a few images I came across a photo I took of the weeping cherry in the spring. It’s not surprising the difference but I thought it would be fun to place them here in a side by side (top by bottom) comparison.

Weeping cherry

Fade to brown

It looks as if I took a photo of the same branch.

The story of this weeping cherry is brief but the previous owner planted this anniversary gift from her husband, they are now divorced. I think she knew they weren’t longed to be together when she didn’t take it with her when they moved across town. I’m ever so happy that it was left behind.

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