Plankin’ on the Edge (🎶 Aerosmith)

This week I won’t have photos to share from the animal shelter. Instead of taking photos of the adoptable animals I did a photo shoot for a campaign they will be running in early December in which they will incorporate my photos into videos. I hope to share those at a later time.

I haven’t put a lot of effort into editing our Grand Canyon vacation photos but I’ve come across a couple things recently that made me want to work on a few fun photos. Most recently this video caught my attention.

Although I love SUP (stand up paddleboarding) there is no way I would do it on the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon. No. Way. I wouldn’t even white water raft though I do(did) love white water rafting, it’s my back that takes issue. We did take a float trip on the smooth water of the Colorado River through the Glen Canyon leading into the Grand Canyon. More power to these guys and gals in the video.

I also came across two different people who visited the Grand Canyon for the first time, it was on their bucket list like it was on mine, only they didn’t just want to see and experience the canyon they wanted to take a wiz in it (guy) and blow bubbles (gal). I read these things after our visit and immediately my thoughts went to “Why didn’t I think of that?”, not the pissing of course but some other unique gimmick. And then I remembered we did! Although not so unique in the photography community but amongst the one million visitors (South Rim) surrounding us it was obvious they had never seen anyone lay down face first (a.k.a. planking) on the edge of the canyon.


In reference to my previous exaggeration regarding the one million visitors I had to be pretty aggressive to get this shot. People kept walking into my frame and they didn’t speak English so I used a lot of hand gestures (nice ones) to keep them cleared out.


No! Don’t do it! Thankfully he’s still here to tell about it.


I know the view is pretty and all but right now I can only see that big fat blue bruise on the back of my leg. No idea. I could edit it out I suppose but it was part of our trip.


These last two pics were taken at the North Rim. Much less people. But still there was a family behind us with two little girls observing. One said to her mother, “Mom! Come take our picture! We’re playing dead!”

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