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About the the title of my blog; growing up, my Mom always called me Rebecca the Housewrecka most likely based on the state of my bedroom. According to the Urban Dictionary, which for sure wasn’t around when I was a kid, a housewrecker is a violent house party usually resulting in a visit from the cops and thousands of dollars worth of damage because of an unbelievable amount of alcohol consumed. These events usually take place on a weekend when the host’s parents are away. It may be planned, or merely the consequence of spontaneous actions influenced by too much alcohol. I may or may not have attended 1 or 2 of these in the distant past. 😉

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I had to come visit your blog based on the title alone. Very cute!

    I hope to return to running soon, also, as you wrote in the most recent post. I really have missed it!

  2. Hi Becky Sue – Stopped by to say hi and see if you were local. Where are you in Western, MA? Beautiful shots on your blog! I will stop by again :-). Just got home from a hockey game in Marlborough, MA and I am ready to hit the hay!

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  4. Hello ! I’m from Quebec, Canada.
    Photography blogs are my favorites and yours is filled with beautiful artistic pictures. I’m glad I found your blog ! Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    Beautiful photos, great composition and you have a wonderful eye for the frame. Curious about Stella’s heritage. Is she a springer or something similar. I can fully appreciate the “snowball” effect on the leggings as our dog also loves the snow.



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