Remember me? I’m still alive even though this blog just seemed to die. I blame social media tempting me with the many ways to share my photography. I’ve wanted to take a web design class for a long time and so I did in January. I’m leaving WordPress because I want a more suitable url and the flexibility to build my website as I’d like. So if you’d like to see my work or follow along with the occasional blog post come visit me at

IMG_6218 (1)


4 thoughts on “rebeccalaflamphotographydotcom

  1. Love all the pictures – I hope they all find homes – that little grey kitten is adorable who could refuse her a home???

  2. Wow… Way to go Rebecca!! The new website is fantastic! LOVE what you are doing for shelter animals!

    Our beloved cat, Cleo, was a rescue and when she passed away last May, we were completely devastated. She was a huge part of our lives for 20 years. It has been difficult to let go. (Tears still freely flow just thinking about her).

    It’s not all sad news as we rescued two new kitties (traveling far and wide to get them), each with their own story, and we have been building their love and trust in humans over the last 8 months. Nothing better than a rescue pet!

    Your photography is beautiful and I know you will have tremendous success finding homes for lots of animals!

    Is there a way on the new site to get email notices when you post?

    Take care and hugs –


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