Dakin Humane Society 11/03/2014

Puppies! Although I have a soft spot for the senior population of cats and dogs, puppies are just so adorable. Of course, most often adorable does not translate into easy to photograph. Puppies don’t know their names and don’t know any tricks making it hard to get their attention, the world is new and every piece of it must be explored which means they are very busy so we end up chasing them around the fenced in yard trying just about anything to get their attention.

The only time we can get them to be still is when we hold them in our arms.

Edwardo, a 2-month-old pittie mix who’s already trying to prove he’s a ladies’ man. Check out the pawprint marking on his nose.




Edwardo’s sister, Dazzle who has a unique marking of her own, a heart on her hip.



Zaidyn, a 10-month-old terrier mix.


Humphry, a 4-year-old friendly kitty.


You can find these animals and more at Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society.

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