The sparkle of spring

Spring Sparkle

Could you hear me? I was whooping with joy (at least in my head)! Yesterday was darn near perfect… sunny, temps in the mid-60’s – warm enough to wear a t-shirt with all the gardening that I was doing, baseball blasting on the radio (With another Red Sox loss where the perfect day was tarnished just a little bit), kids and dog endlessly playing one game after another and topped off with a trip to a local brewpub. Sweet.

Spring Sparkle (2)

The next prompt in the Picture Spring series is “The sparkle of spring”. The hyacinth are up and out of the ground but the buds are still too tight to release any of their amazing scent. To get a little sparkle I sprayed them with water. These are all taken with my 100mm macro lens.

Spring Sparkle (3)

Sweet Shot Day

Spring Sparkle (4)

Purple is my favorite color!

Spring Sparkle (5)

Spring Sparkle (6)

See last year’s post here.

13 thoughts on “The sparkle of spring

    • Thanks! I like that you swore on my blog. 🙂 I edit most of my photos with one action or another but these were so colorful and vibrant I only had to resize for the web.

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